Turkey Hunter Has too Much Time on His Hands

The Root Problem




Last turkey season, at one place where I set up to call, there was an old tree blown over with its gnarly roots sticking up. I fully expected a tom to come in to my calls  behind that blow down.  When I glanced in that direction my heart skipped a beat because one of the roots was shaped exactly like a tom’s neck and head.  I thought a stealth tom had got right up on me.

As it happened, that gnarly root was the only  thing I saw that resembled a tom all day.  Since I hate going home empty handed, I took out my brush saw and cut it off. On a blustery day over the winter, I dug out the root and my imagination got carried away.  I painted the head and glued a beard and tail fan on the curiously shaped piece of wood. You can see the results.

I’m just wondering if too much time on my hands could be the root of my problem?

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