The Hunting Buddy


The best things about hunting are even better when shared. That’s what hunting buddies are for. We may like some quiet hours alone when set up to call in a tom but we always want the company of a hunting friend later to share our experience with and hear about theirs.

What a difference a good buddy makes on a duck hunt – someone to control the boat while setting out decoys, share the quiet moments with while waiting for the rush of wings and laugh with whether the ducks dodge every shot or get dumped.

Who but a hunting buddy would give up a day of his own hunt to help drag your best buck out of the swamp where it lived and died? Hunting buddies know how to hunt together. They think the same about their pursuit. Whether its bird dogs in the uplands, or calling turkeys they know what works for them and they can count on each other to do it that way.

The buddy you hunt with year after year never taints the hunt with greed or self interest. He takes his turn with everything; camp chores, gas expenses, field dressing and butchering.

The strangling vine of pride never takes root between good hunting partners. They make incredible shots and don’t utter a word in boast. When they miss an easy one it’s “aw shucks” and move on. And they laugh at themselves if they get a ribbing. They forget the chances you blew and are genuinely happy for you when you get your game.

Hunting buddies teach each other and learn from each other. Their skill and success double by sharing. Most important of all, they motivate each other. Many of us would never head out alone in the dark in a cold rain. But we will with a buddy – and have some the best hunts of our lives.

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