The Competition is Heating Up

Get a Call and Get in the Game

These young toms and others like them are buddies all winter. But in the spring,  these buddies become competitors for the attention of hen turkeys.

DSC_1067 - Copy

The turkey woods in the spring will be ringing with their boastful gobbles as they announce their presence, their dominance and readiness to breed. Other turkey talk – yelping, cutting, cackling and fighting purrs will give evidence to the drama as toms and hens look for each other to mate or fight off challengers to their breeding rights.

Spring is a wonderful time to be in the woods.  Its even better if you can join in with all that turkey talk and call in a long beard to harvest. If you have never hunted or been successful hunting the wild turkey,  learn their language and how to speak it on box calls, pot calls and mouth calls. Learn how to scout for them and find out the set up secrets that will bring them in close.

Its all for the price of a tall latte’  in “How to Hunt the Wild Turkey.”

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Good luck this spring.

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