Take a Grouse on the Wing

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Take the Dare



Every shot we take, whether hunting or at the target range, is a challenge to our ability.  I forget which writer said this so eloquently – pulling the trigger is answering a dare.  Pulling the trigger on a ruffed grouse flushing in heavy cover is answering a triple dog dare.  Connecting is a triumph.

A grouse flush is an adrenalin soaked, neural rush for the hunter.  The closer the bird is, the more nerve rattling the flush.  It’s a game of instant reaction to a myriad of variables.  The data on speed, distance, direction, shooting angle and some times lead for a zipping target all go into the hunter’s brain and is processed faster than thought to swing the muzzle to the intersection point of the  shot string and the grouse.  The hunter taps the trigger for his output.  If he delays pulling the trigger, to wait for a clear shot, he wont get a shot.  If he does everything right, and the bird tumbles down, he has a rich reward for answering the dare. He has put it all together on one of hunting’s most difficult targets, the King of Game Birds and has a delectable dinner for his efforts. Take the dare.



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