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These hens look like their beaks are frozen shut but in a few months the woods will be ringing with their yelps and other calls. And lusty toms will be gobbling them selves inside out to attract these ladies.

Calling is the addictive dimension in spring wild turkey hunting because when you make hen calls, a tom calls right back with his booming gobble.  But whether he comes to your set up or not depends on how authentic and persuasive your calling is. Normally a hen goes to a gobbling tom, so you have to convince that tom with your calling that he should come looking for you.

In the dead of winter is the perfect time to practice and improve you calling.

The first step toward authentic calling is listening to real turkey talk.  You can listen to the calls made by real hens at the North America Wild Turkey Federation site below.


Babies learn their native language by hearing it often and that is how you can learn the language of the wild turkey – by listening to these recording often.  Listen actively paying attention to the rhythm or cadence of the yelps, cutts and clucks. After you can recognize the various calls. Begin practicing with you own turkey callers.

Get detailed instruction on how to make all the essential turkey vocalisations on box calls, pot and peg calls, mouth calls and tube calls in the e-book “How to Hunt The Wild Turkey.”


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Perfect your calling now so that when a gobblers rips up  the silence, at first light, with his booming gobble on opening morning, you can call back to him with confidence.

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