Odd Shaped Turkey Beard

At first glance I thought this was a tom with two beards which does occur. But, a close look at the base of the beard reveals it all comes from one root and splits into two branches of the same beard. This is the first I have seen like this.


To conserve heat on a cold day, the blood has drained from his snood and wattles shrinking then down little nubs. Also much of the colour is gone from his head for the same reason.  But in six or eight weeks when the day light increases  and his hormones ramp up, the red white and blue colors will bloom on his head like a spring flower.

If you want to call in a tom this spring, perfect your calling now.  Get easy to follow  instructions on how to call on box calls, mouth calls and pot and peg calls in “How to Hunt the Wild Turkey” available on the e-book page. It cost less than a new mouth call.

Beat the winter blues by improving your turkey talk now.

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