Mouth Call Secrets


The mouth calls is an vital tool in the turkey hunters bag of tricks.  If you don’t use one, its worth the effort to learn how to makes clucks, yelps and purrs at least with these versatile calls though, they can do so much more.

Mouth Call Maint

Mouth calls are so deadly be cause they can be operated hands free, with out movement and make truly realistic calls. Though not the loudest type of call, they rule at the soft calls needed when a tom is nearby but you just can’t get the bead on him or you need to reduce the volume to keep a tom coming and looking for you. One well timed cluck from a mouth call can often save a hunt by making a tom stop in his tracks in a small opening for a shot that you would not get otherwise.

If a mouth call triggers your gag reflex, just keep the call in your mouth for as long as you can without calling on it, so your brain will get used to it being there and stop the gag reflex. Once your brain ignores it begin practicing the call.

Every mouth is different and mouth calls have variation within them so you have to buy several and try them out to find one or two that work well, easily for you. The main element of a good fitting call is a good seal on the roof of your mouth so all the air passes over the reeds.  Also, the tape should not touch your teeth anywhere.  If it does, trim  back the tape a little at a time with sharp scissors until it fits and seals well in the roof of your mouth.

Turkey clucks and cutts seem to pop out of their throats. You can get the same sound by popping out the word “pit” or “pert” when you cluck. Alternate back and forth randomly between these words and you will add natural inflection to your calling by giving it a high and low tone. To put emotion and natural inflection in your yelps, purrs and whines vary the tone up and down by varying your tongue pressure on the reed.  More pressure makes the sound go higher.  Less pressure makes a lower sound.

Mouth calls excel at the kee kee run call. This is the call of a young turkey and its useful in the spring hunt for toms and the fall hunt for hens and toms. When a heavily hunted tom has been yelped at a lot by hunters, he won’t be as suspicious of the kee kee run.  Its a three note, loud whistle followed by several yelps.  To get the high, clear whistle put the tip of your tongue on any cuts in the reed of the call.

Get easy to follow instructions for all the turkey vocalisations on a mouth call and the other calls in “How to Hunt the Wild Turkey” on the e-book page. It cost less than a mouth call but will make that little gadget priceless in the turkey woods.

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