Help for Close Range Fiascos



The trend toward tighter patterns for increased down range knock down power moves forward relentlessly in the turkey hunting industry.  But tighter patterns at longer yardages create a problem at close ranges like 10 or 15 yards.

There are more close range misses with a super tight pattern because the pattern is the size of a tennis ball inside fifteen yards making it easy to miss the bobbing head of a turkey.  At close range, a minor aiming error like lifting the head off the stock, or a gun that hits a bit higher than the point of aim, or a tom that moves its head an inch or two when the trigger is pulled, results in a clean miss.

As well, many shot guns don’t hit where they are aimed for various reasons, like  bent barrels or chokes not installed parallel to the bore. If you hunt turkeys long enough, one day a tom will surprise you from behind and get right in your face up close. If you don’t know exactly where you gun hits, you will miss with a super tight pattern.

Federal has a new load designed to eliminate these close range fiascos. Its 3rd Degree shot shell has 3 sizes of shot with its Flight control wad – copper plated 5s and bismuth 7s for downrange punch in a tight swarm and ridged Flight Stopper 6s for close range spread.  The 6s spread out a little wider early giving a couple more inches of pattern at close range.

Check out the new shot shell here.

Or you can stand pat with your chosen load and choke but make sure you know where it hits at close range and that you do everything right at the moment of truth. Sight in your gun at close range with your hunting ammo and choke so you know where it will hit at 10 yards.

Get the scoop on how to sight in your shotgun like a rifle and pattern it to find out it’s lethal range in the e book “How to Hunt the Wild Turkey”

It costs way less than a new box of turkey shot shells.

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