Get Ready for Turkey Season Tip 4 – Check out your Mouth Calls


Mouth calls often don’t last from one season to the next because the latex rubber gets loose and they don’t sound right. Good thing they are inexpensive and easy to replace. Don’t find out on opening morning that you mouth call won’t yelp, cluck and purr like it used to. Check it out in time to replace it before opening day if you have to.

Every mouth call is an individual and there will be some variation even within the same brand and model so you will need time to get familiar with a new call before your set up to call in a long beard. Get some new ones a few weeks before the season opens to give that prep time.

Even if you don’t do most of your calling with a mouth call, you should always have one in your mouth to cluck on when a tom starts coming your way.  If you have to stop a tom in a narrow shooting lane or get a tom to lift his head for a clear shot, one cluck on a mouth call will do it and you can keep your gun to your shoulder. They are hands free and instantly ready at just the right second for situations when you have a tom in close and just can’t get the bead on him.  Many a close range tom has walked because the hunter couldn’t stop him for a clear shot.

The deadly little mouth call is worth the effort it takes to learn.  They sound realistic and they call in toms. They are waterproof and easy to carry and inexpensive.

There are so many to choose from, it can be confusing to get started. A double reed is the best choice for a beginner. Some have cuts and notches in the reed  to make them sound raspy.  So get one with plain reeds for a clear tone and one with cuts for a raspy sound.  You don’t know which one a tom will respond to, so have both available.

You can learn how to yelp, cluck, purr, cutt, cackle and make kee kee runs on a mouth call.  Its all in the e-book “How to Hunt the Wild Turkey”

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