Don’t Let This Happen To You. Get Ready for Turkey Season – Tip 5



You don’t want to see a tom leaping into the air near your set up because you were digging around in your vest for something and didn’t see him sneak in.

Once I was rooting around in my vest for another mouth call after I had been calling for a while. Then I heard “Putt” behind me and turned around to see a tom leaping into the air. I blew that hunt because I hadn’t taken the time to organize my vest before the season started.

Get ready for turkey season by organizing the gear in your vest so you can put your fingers on what you need instantly. I don’t even remember what I have in my vest from season to season let alone where it is, so I get it all out, make sure its in working order and put it back in place where I can find it fast.

You don’t want to be they guy who hikes in to his spot and gets set up, then finds out he has no shot gun shells in his vest or turkey tag or box call or locator call and the list goes on.

Tip number 5.  Organize your vest before you go.

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