All in a Flap

Another Good Non Vocal Call

Wild turkeys often flap their wings throughout the day for one reason or another.  They might want to stretch them, re-align their feathers or show aggression to a flock mate.

If a wary tom hangs up on his way to your set up, wing flapping is a good call to add realism to your set up.  Stop calling to him and do a bit of wing flapping to let him know the hen he thinks he heard (you), is still there but losing interest in him, so he better make the next move.

Make the wing flapping sound by rapidly beating a wing or your hat against your leg or chest.  You can save a wing off a harvested bird or buy one in a sporting goods store.

It takes a lot of movement to simulate wing flapping so, look around carefully first, to be sure there is no tom sneaking in unseen and unheard. Because if there is, you will here real wing flapping from the tom you bust.   That’s never good.

The video shows a tom flapping his wings after taking a run at a flock mate. The sound of wing flapping is the sound of calm turkeys doing everyday turkey stuff.

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