Get Ready for Turkey Season Tip 7 – Learn a New Call

When I called in my first tom years ago all I could do was cluck and yelp on a mouth call and box call. It was enough for that tom, but many toms since required a broader range of calling skills. Still, if I could only make one call, I would be hard pressed to choose between the cluck and the yelp.

I always try to expand my calling repertoire so that I will have the right call for any situation that arises. I don’t call a lot and I don’t use every call I know on every hunt but I like to know I have a wide range of options.

Learning a few new calls for each season will bolster your confidence as turkey hunter because you will feel prepared for the various toms and scenarios you will encounter. Your success will increase too.

At the website below, you can listen to my recording of 10 essential turkey calls and learn what they mean to turkeys. As well you can learn when to use them and how to make them on mouth calls, box calls and pot and peg calls.\turkeycalls

Learn a new call for this season. You may need it to get that long beard moving again.

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